Integrated Software Solution for Semiconductor Fabrication to improve Overall Equipment & Production Efficiency

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Integrated Software Solution for Solar Energy Power Plant to improve Overall Equipment & Production Efficiency

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NLP driven Smart Virtual Assistant solutions

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Improve Productivity and Uptime(MTTR) through AR/VR driven remote collaboration

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Dashboard for Metrics and Predictive Analytics

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Lavorro Silicon Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Technology Pillars For Lavorro’s Solutions To Improve Productivity & Uptime(MTTR)

Accelerate time-to-resolution, improve MTTR and productivity through NLP Virtual Assistant by connecting Tool’s native metrics, AI/ML driven Predictive Analytics,   best-known methods, and knowledge-based learning system with rapid-escalation to remote experts. Driving Productivity through "Smart Manufacturing  Solutions

NLP Virtual Assistant

Contextual Query NLP, NLG, NLU

AI/ML Analytics

Statistical & Predictive Tool & Manufacturing Data

Computer Vision

Defect Screening & Recipe Creation/Audit

AR/VR Remote Collaboration

Faster Problem Solving Over Manufacturing approved protocol

Lavorro Smart-Manufacturing solutions are Aligned to address Semiconductor Industry’s Challenges Know More >>

Yield and Productivity:

Node Shrinkage & Beyond Moore Technologies are demanding On-Tool solutions to address Real Time solutions to improve Tool productivity and Wafer metrology uniformity.

Tool Downtime Abatement (MTBF):

Fab Tool Downtime and Process Drifts costs the industry Billions of dollars. Tool Performance enhancement and fleet optimization are compelling ways to increase efficiency.

A Fab can lose over $250k with every hour of lost production

Smart Fab Solution

Solar Energy Solution

Cutting edge applications, tools combined with high fidelity data that enable & optimize renewable plant performance. Know More >>

Real Time Status Updates:

An IoT sensor on an individual solar panel can monitor specific parameters of that panel such as energy output, temperature, tilt angle, and cardinal direction.

Predictive Analytics:

Since we can now collect the energy output and efficiency of individual panels, we can proactively replace or repair panels that are low producers.

Real Time Maintenance:

Through this overview, the solar farm manager can get insight into problems with a specific panel, rather than just seeing a decrease in overall performance of a farm.


There are major security vulnerabilities and concerns for any electrical grid and solar farms. IoT sensors enabled with crypto authentication technologies can effective protect from malicious attack from panel to cloud.


Lavorro Smart Manufacturing Features

  • Content Search Engines

    Manuals, Training Video etc

  • Tool Data Analytics DashBoard

    Real-time & Predictive Analytics of Sensor & Wafer Metrology Data

  • Alarm Log Analytics     

    Predictive Analytics for Downtime Abatement

  • Advanced UI & Secure Remote Collaboration

    Head-Gear, AR/VR

  • Computer Vision Analytics

    Defect Identify and eliminate Recipe Audit & Assistance

Lavorro Smart Virtual Assistant Function

An Advanced Conversational AI/ML based Deep learning Virtual Assistant with NLU, NLG & NLP.

Lavorro has developed a proprietary NLP Virtual Assistant for semiconductor manufacturing space that enhances queries from industry experts producing meaningful, context-specific results.

Custom Analytics Dashboard

Computer Vision driven Image Analytics

Defect Screening Recipe creation assistance, compliance and engineering assistance.

Die Layout | Configuration tuning | Algorithm Tuning | Scan | Filtering / Closure.

AR/VR Remote collaboration

Display real-time video which the local user is viewing through the headgear camera and superimpose the queried information through voice commands. View is shared securely with remote experts over real-time collaboration.

Develop SW models for Process Modules (Fab VuForia Libraries) for AR/VR advanced user experience.

Our Team


Arya has over 35 yr. of business and Technology experience in Semiconductor fabrication, ASIC design and Heterogeneous Device Integration (HDI), and industrial IoT.

Arya P. Bhattacherjee

David Webster has deep experience in building software-as-a-service (SaaS) analytics platforms for startup and mid-sized companies.

David H. Webster

Advisory Board

Raj Singh is an industry veteran with varied experience as an entrepreneur and an investor.

Raj Singh

Robert Maire is President of Semiconductor Advisors, a consulting firm that provides financial and strategic advisory services to technology companies.

Robert Maire

Jon Herlocker, is the founder and CEO of Tignis, is a deep technologist and experienced executive.

Dr. Jon Herlocker

Sunil Verma is Co-founder and Managing Partner of Unanimous Capital.

Sunil Verma